Effective as of: 8/28/23
Loan Rates
(Rates subject to change)
New Auto Loans
5.99% APR36 months
6.49% APR48 months
6.99% APR60 months
7.29% APR72 months ($20,000 minimum)
7.79% APR84 months ($25,000 minimum)
These rates apply to new purchases only.
100% of sticker price may be financed on all new auto loans for terms of 36, 48, 60, and 72 month loans.
90% of sticker price may be financed on new auto loans for 84 month term.
Used Auto Loans
2023-2020 Model Year
7.29% APR60 months
7.69% APR72 months ($20,000 minimum )
2019-2018 Model Year
7.29% APR48 months max
These rates apply to new purchases or the refinancing of a current loan from another lending institution.
Boats and Motorcycles
8.25% APRBoats
9.25% APRMotorcycles
VISA Credit Card
10.99% APRClassic
8.99% APRGold
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Why CU

Why Credit Unions

Credit Unions are member owned and run. That means each member has equal ownership and equal voting power - regardless of how much money a member has in their account.

Credit Unions are not-for-profit organizations. That means we return our profits to our members in the form of attractive savings and loan rates. In contrast, banks focus on profits for their shareholders You'll get personalized service you can't get at a bank.

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